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Full text of "XBOX Manual: Mortal Kombat - Deception"

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For walkthroughs, cheats and tips call 

UVU65 55 88 55 

Ctitli'rs nmsl he 16 wars or over 

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MiEniiwlt.ianii.nin Uw. inl »■ Khat ■« Mm LM Ltjai imimi ttjimti VMifrMia » I m i wM t m il MteBMii c 

uniwo stwf ntti oitm cotmniH tsa m utta unaa mnu mxti ucrcsui 

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-'•-•■ -■ - ■ 









Safety Information 

Abou( Photosensitive Seizures 

A vary smaJl (wf twniage ol peapte may eiiwriencs a aeizuFe wfnfi eiposad to Mfliin v<9u«l 
irrvsqes, inCludirig flashing llgMa « pAKams thai ipuf apfWni ifl vld^c gained- Evct poaple 
who hfiv« no liialory of soizurea or epilops^ may have an undiagnosed condHnn thai can 
caua« thasa "photossnettivg «pilaplic seizurml while watching video gajnes. 

Ihemn nmniTtm may trave b varieiy 01 sympioms, indoaing lignthfladsdneas^ altered viskm. 
eye or lace twitching], ierking of shaking of arma or h^is, #^()arilaticiti, conlusion, or 
mgmgnuiiy |Q$$ oj awaneness. Seizures may aiso cau«a loss at wnKimaimas or 
convulalona that can tesd to Injury from falling down or elriMng rteartiy objects. 

ImmadlBtely stop pla^ng and cansuilt a doctor N you eupwwince any cH ItiB-iu sympionii. 
Parous shniiid wAi^ tor tx a^k uwir cniMiw^ about Vnt rOcw symDtomsi— crtltdrer And 
iMnagars am more DHery inar aoults 10 Bxcwrlence these seizuias. 

The titk ol pholosensiiivii apilepiic aeliuras may be reduced by sitting (atlfwr horn Iha 
loioviBion scivon, usirig a smoRer iclovialan sceen, piaying n aw«ll-liL room, and riot ptav"^ 
vtven you are drowsy or (aliguad . 
II you M tny cit your ralaiiws twve a Nstorr ot satrurm ar apuapay, oonsult a docin berot* 


orher Impcjrtont Health and Salaly Intofrralion The. Xbom Instruclion Manual eonlain* 
impoftsnl health and aately inforrrtaUon (hot you shflijid «ad and uridSraland beldre using 
ihiB Btrfhusia. 

Avoid Damage lo VoufTetevi^ion • 

Dg not use with certarn t«l«vWoriG. Soma letwitiDfH, *ff»pally tiwt«- « i#»--pfOta(Aon 
types, can t» damaged rt any tridao gain««, inchidinf) xbcit garwq are pdnyal on thsm 
SlalE mn^es preFutntml mmng tlw normal course Of {^arrre ptay may turn in' Id the scie«fl. 
cauSlntF a permanenl stmkm ol lt» slaMc imfigt; Iq dfumsi at dll lirrwi. eiiwi urtwfi udeo 
garnes aie rnl being played. Shnifar dam^e m^ occui Irom stalk: ma^es ci-esled whan 
placlns a video gems on hold Of (MLtse. Consult your television owner's rnonual to dolorriiine 
it video gemos can bs ployed satejy en your set. 11 you are unabis lo find this inK>rmalion in 
the onitwr's manusl. conlaia your l»lovl»ion dealer of it* rrianulactiirBf 10 daarmins it vidBn 
^m^'tsn ba ptayiKl $at»iy eri your set. 

UnaulfKnizffJ cApyinji, ttrrwlno arlyfniHfrltiu, tFisii^)eij>)uin, puUiC perlDnTiftrKO, wital, pay lor 
[)lay, or gituMrvBdlSoh ol wpt piDtacUon is strictly prnhlMed- 

Table of Kontents 



Get Started .3 

Starting Up 4 

Default Kontrols 5 

Memory Unit (MU) 6 

Main Menu 7-14 

Kombat 7 

Chess Kombat 8 

Puzzle Kombat 9 

Konquest , . . , ,..,.,., 10 

The Krypt 10 

Profiles 12 

Game Optiuns . .15 

Audio, Video G Controller 14 

The Krypt Reference Table .15 - 16 

Mortal Kombat Realms 17 

Fighter Selection 18 

In Mortal Kombat 1 9 - 20 

Xbojt Live™ ,...,.. 2 1 - 22 

MKD Fighters 23-24 

Personal Fight Records 25 

Profi le Passwords .26 

Krcdits 27-28 

Notes 29 

Warranty / Customer Support , 30 



Get Started 



J. Sf I up yiHiE Xtictx® vIrtcK pame •■I'Mem by (bllowing the iiisiruLtium in 
Lhc Xbox Inslrunion Manual. 

2. Press ihir powt-r hultiin .inrl ihc vlittus Indicainr lighl will light up. 

3. Press the ejecl liultnn and the disc iray will nptn. 

1 Pbce tht Mortal Komliat™: Decepllon™ disc on the disc tray with the 

label facintt up and cUysi: the (list tray. 
5. Follow the on-scrctm instrticlions ami refer lo ihls manual for moit 

informaliun at>i>ut pEayin^; MiHrtiil KumiriU: Dtxt'plhii. 

mucfrtf , 

I ifxegx 

O © 




Cenlnillw »on 2 


Power buHcHi 

Cwrtroflw ftri 4 
- Cu aU t H t wn 3 

AvomwG Damage to Discs or the Disc Drive 

T^> avoid ddin.i)jc (ci discv iJf ihi: dm iliivc; 

• tn^cn only XluK-annpaEibli: iK^ls itiiu the disc drive, 

» Never um: (Kidly shaped diso, "iuch as stiir-tihapi'd or hranshapcd dJKit. 

• DiHKN li-dvt a disL In itx' XImix i.u(i<iu9t' ritr extendttl [M-ritKis wIr'ii dch tn tm'- 

• Do n«i move iJn xbiw convilt: wlillf ihv ptiwLT is un ami a disc is lnscn<.-d. 

• Du noi .i|)plv la]>t!i^. ^itckcfit. or inha loteifLii ttbjecij tu dlso. 

Xbox L/ve"*^ 

Takr iMiTw/ K(>iiiliiii: Defeflitm Beyond ihc Box 

Vlxn /m- ill J hiph-sjK'i-d or hnwrlliand tnn'mi't g.imitig ciimraunily. With 
Mortfil KomKii: DeLijiiimi. you tan connttt Kt XboJC Live, and upkud your High 
$i:orL-« only. 


Hffnrf ymi tan iijitiwri yiiiir hfgh scows li>r Mi'rifU Kswibaii liec^ticn, yoii ne«i 
tit ciwnuft ymir Xbox cfwsivif (o a liigh-speed or broadband 

_^^ ^ Tnierri'i cniint'iltiiii and sign up ftir the Xbox /jVe service To 

dt'tiTiiiinf il Xbt)K IJvc Is availiililc in your region and for 
infurmalioii aboiil tonni-cLini; lo Xbox Litv, set- 
wvrw.xbaxA'om/ccmnca and 3<-lccl youi couniry. 



Starting Up 

&i|iaflsian «lol A 

-EipantloriEliil B 

Rjglil Ifinitr 

liH ihutnbUlEt 

SXCIC buRon 
START button 

Ltd lilggnr 



ffiftdloHl ind 


Personal Profiles 

Wln'n yim sian up yoLir Af.'ratJ KiWihsir Dxeptitvi gamiv II auromailcajly loads 
any saved ^aiiu- dala from the Xbcin Memory- tJnil (MLI) and hard disk. I! ni> 
previous Mciliil Kiimhu: Davpliojt diU can be found on the MU or hard disk, 
you will Iw prdinpied lo cicaK? a new Psonu: KoLLWirmN . When pmniptcd. 
[Hi'ss the O button lit create an MKD file nn rhe MU In expanslort slot A or 
Ihe O liiiijiin lo creaie a lile on the MU In expansion sIdC B (see FitDFtuis. pyi. 

Menu/Sub-Menv Navigation 

Thimif-biHil this manual, #. #, ♦ and ^ wilt signify prising Up, Down, 
Left and Rijjhi un \he D-pad, To navigate through the game nu-nus <i,e, 
Qplivns), UK the D-pad {-#,-§'. ^ or 4 dcpendLng oti (he tncau| to liij;h- 
llght a M-lcction, 

Quitting a Game in progress 

During the Eame, press thf START huimn m display the 

Pause Menu. Press ihe D-pad 4 to St'lca QbIT G.\ME, then 

prtis ihe O button. To confirm exiling the game, hi};hiiglH 

i'ij. then press the© button again. "A".T#»- ., /y 

Default Kontrols 



Kontrols Key 

koitibat mode 

Chess Mode 




diarigc style 
Spelt List 
(O trigger) 


PjiUSC Menu 

move fighlcr 

Affirc- Ciinor d 
Hiillitiiftii Jieam 

attack 1 




Zoom In 

aualV. t 


attack 4 


Rotalc Citickwisc 

i^rab vvL'aputi 

Mvve Id Citnurr 

attack 3 


Rmaie Coiimer 
Cl px t iwls? 



Memory Unit (MU) 


^^^^r^ ''^^^^^B' " pT'^^^^^m ' V 

We highly reccimmend using jn MU or the hard disk for saving ocrutnulat' 
cd profiles jnd goinc progress. Mijila! Kmthat: Peii-piioit includes a Player 
PioHle and Krypi feature (sec KHrn, pg. 10, and fwHLts, pg, \2) that are 

Itfsl riijciyfil usirtfi an .MIJ or ihf hard fji<ik. 

If you're using an MU ur the liard disk. I he game's Autosave Teature wili 
aiitoinaltcally save .iccitmuljled data lo your flaypr ProHle for fitrther use 
while using the Krypl aption. Auttjsave will also save data durirtg AncM.t: , 
Veksus and KmQUEST game modes. 

AJoi^ Willi gaiuc fcattires. yuur .idjitslcd gaiiit; uptiuns arc: dutuJiiatiLdlly 
ifaved as wi-ll, Onte saved, ihe opiions wiil auunnalieally be loaded the 
ne.xi lime you puwer up your Xbox video tJame system, as lony as you have 
previon'Siy s.ivwl MKI> rtaia cm an inscnod Mil or hard disk. 


When you make changL-s to ih^ default settings lor any of the areas wilhin 
the "Options" menusi, lh<f!>e (±an(<e« wifl l>e automat icalLy saved if you're 
using an MU with a previously created Ptayor Proiile. When there are mem- 
ory tmits in tKiLii expansion slcHS A andB, the "Optioits" setlin^^ for MU lA 
will always be used, even if ii's sei at die default selling!^. 


i/'" 6\r 


Main Menu 

Main Menu 






At iht M<]iii Mtnii, hi^tili^ilii iIil* 
tiplton yuii'tl liki- In seleil, l^ll.■ll p(t"S«. 
tht.' O huttnn. As you highlighL an 
opiioii. a biief destriplLon uf ils ton- 
lenis is displayed on the right side nt" 
ih* screen. 


Sdcd a FighUT, and travel to many localions. AltJKmgh iho fimaion of 
Arcade rnodf is for playing ^gainsl CPU eonlnilled opjionents, ^ friend can 
sill! grab a secnnd amiroller, and press START lu join iit, Voii'll go I" (h« 
rijihtcf Sdeclioti Scrctn (see FlCHriR SriECTIOK pg. 18). As y»u play Artadc 
MiKit, you'll earn Kciln^ <i!t>nt! ihf w^ay with cadi vitiory (noLt: bt iure to 
l(wd a i>ri)rik first, sec pg. 12 for detaiK). Ohviously, ytiu'll want lo win as 
miiny niatdics a^ possible lo coHcci Ihc^c Koins and purchase items in ibc 
Krypi (!*ee KKrrt. pis. 10). 


5c]cci this opt inn lo play against a friend (or enemy ^. You'll ^o ri^ht tti the 
Fi)iiili:r Scktliuii Succit (sec FliiHTEli SELECTION. pH- '*)- 

Ptess lhe# button in view ihe BuekgrnuncI Seleilion nptiun. Press lliediret- 
liiinal pad # nr# to L-yelc ihrrtngh avaitfitile ntena iMi'kgmiinds. Whrn ynii 
find the baekgrotind ytiu wanL lo u&e, press iheO liullun iii regain .access to 
ihv Fighter Selection screen. 


tven if you're a Mf>nal Knmba) veteran, you may require siime practice, so 
*ieleci this iipijon, select » flghlrr and get snmc practire. 

AflL'c !R'l(.\liJiK tills npliuii, yuu'lt ^o to the pruLli^cr Mullt; Fi^lilcrr Strtet^litin 
^..tcreti. HitjIiliKlii lite figliiets yuu'd like tu ui^e ftii yuui pidf.Lke, then press 
till' Q huttnn. 

Ab yiiu ll^tll, yiiu'11 tiuliir llidl ihtrt; K jvuTlinci, djid the PtaillieOppurtelirii 
HealUi Biif will icni9 auLouiittieany when driiiiietl. You can Uallle m iuiii! as 
yoj like unlit yun'ri- euriifunabk. Cunlrulki bultuns appear t)n-*>eice)t as 
you pTcsi them, so you tan lejm whith bwtioti udmhinatlons ptuducc cenain 
iimvfv ptMitite is a useful s^ine mode to get fanittsr with llie rigliten. 


Chess Kombat 

Mi^ml Kombjt: [kxcpswii includes this all-new MK game. Up tn two players 
will tMfl OT Ckfatf. a leam of five nghters: a Cm 'NT. SmFTFIt. .Sohcfrfk. 
Champion and Lmper . The object of the game is to fight your way liirough 
the team in an effnn to confiont and defeat the Leader, 

Once you've treated s (eaiir, you'il be prompted di Save the team to ynur 
[jfotlie. Select Ves, It you'd like to have the option lo load the team the next 
lime you want to play Chesj Kombai. 

Setting the Trap 

BcforL- the ttiaali bcf^tiLs, you'll Ije prompted iti set a trap on the square of 
your ihoiee. OpptAsing players that iKicupy that square die itntnediately. Tn 
set a nap. highlight the desired srjuare. prt-ss (he© Imttnn tn •telccl ihvn 
press the O bunon. Also, you can pretend to set a (rap by pressing the © 
button. A ping will sounij to confuse your opponent. Hemember, a TVap can 
be set only on your side of the bovd. 

The Battles 

FMh player will lake tnrn<t tnovlnf! fif^hlers. Hif.hllghi a lighter, ihen preiis 
ihc O button to make a scleaion. At this point, arrows will show you 
which squares are available Co move your fighter. Highlight the square you 
w-arti to occupy, (hen press tfte & button again to move the pl^ytt. 

Once two npposinu players occupy the same square, ihey will battle in 
Kombat mode to decide who will win Che square. 


Pull ihe 41 trigger lo clis^play ihel 
Spells Menu. X Spell can tn' u$ed only 
one lime during the match, so use| 
Ihtm wisely. When you select a Spell, 
on-screen Instrtjciions tell you how loi| 
go about using the sipell. 

NOTF : Spells are east by Ihe Iwol 
Sorcciers, When ihey die, their list olj 
spells are no lonuer available. 

Green Cells 

The Green Cells on the board provide a +1CI0 Health in the pl<3>,iT ihii 
ocLiipies the square. All olhcr charaaers owned by I hat ptayer 
receive tlJ Health. If an oppitnent oauples the green cell, 
you'll need ti> win the square and obtain the i-lOO Health for 
thai Lhataeier, .is well as the +25 Damage increase to the fesi, 
of the charatters on the opposing team. 


\ i 8 sy 

Main Menu 


Puzzle Kombat 

The objective is to keep BtCSHSLbdow the 
rt'd Kaiition BAmFft . the banner is toraied 
at the top o( the pu2zk. T^ie user thai lias 
Pu/7le Pieees Above \\ie Kaiition BanntT is 
Ihtf loser. 




A Puzzle Piece consists of 2 objects, com-l 
prised of SjiMUfA SELAMM and BsMS-* 
Blocks and Brt'aktrs can be ont of four colours. Colours vary, mi keep an eye 
on (he "NcNt" vvindow \v sec (he upeominy grouping of blixiks. Blocks art- 
used as tilt building blocks for this mode. Bkkcks art to be placed at the Iwi- 
kim of the screen and can be positioocd ht>wevcr you like. 

Blocks can be paired up with odier Bi,ocKS, fJR^AKEKS or Bombs . 


Breakers are used by drdppitl;; them on like Cnlours tu rcmovi: the^ 
bkn.ks friud K<'i"e pUv- Wlieu liic bUitki are bruken, lUlv blocki dbtive will 
fill down where the previously broken blocks imte existed. iVy liiajjln^ n«n- 
tn.itchinE tolc»ured Breakers on uip "f tfoups of like colourud stjuares. If you 
happen lo break apart lite like-coloured grouii of squares a Breaker Is rt;si- 
Ing upon, you'll want it to fall on utp nf siiuare!! iif the ujue colnur. so they 
will then break apart, Tliis is a Cnmhn ihal will help hoosi ynur Si^ffumhtkh 
jnd increase the numhei of blocks dropped on your opponent. 

Nt'TE : when you break apart squares, that sjime number of broken squares 
fill Is onto your opponents slack, so break apart as many as possible. 


Biinibs are used to clear all blocks of one colour. This is dune by dropping 
ihL' bomb on the desired colour. When a Bomt) touches; a specilic colour, it 
will break all iQU-ifCi of that cnkiur. A BoMB BONVS is pcrformeti when a 
biimb Is not dropped on j block nr breaker bui on ihe iMittom of 
the puzzle. The Bomb Bonus boosts your Super Meter. 

The SufER Meter 

As you litedk dt)vvn sgudie^, v>'u> Super Meter will ^tdduitlly fill u|.<, Once 
the meler is full, prcw iHe© billion to pt'rform your fighter's StEDAL- Fach 
fighter lias their own special attack. Reniernbet, you must use your Special 
wii htn 20 isecutjds. 

^ Weii: Special moves dllTer based on which characier you choose. 

Characters with strong Special Moves will iiiH (ill up the 
Super Meier as fast as other characters, because their Special 
; move has .3 greater effect. 


si when a 

Main Menu 







This is where you'll really Itnim how to pJay 
the f;ame. Paced with huiidtcds of difTcivnl 
iliaileoKes, you'll j;el iiislructiuns <iiid learn 
tiuw lu perfordi al! types of dltfeteut moves 
ind flyhilng sjyles. Along the way, you'll 
shQ earn Koitts to make putchases In the 
Krypt (see Ix'low). 

OiJce v**u've sidiletl your Kuru|uesL, read un-iicreen liistruclluiis lu learn 
Mnridl Kombat skills you'll need to complete your difficult jotimey (sec 
KdNOUFST RrAiM',. pg. 17, for more information). 

Before ymi ran begin in Knnqtiest mnde, you'll tiepft lo enter your saved 
player Kode aeaicd using the Player Proffle option (see nAVEK Fkofile . pn 
12). Kuncjuest mode can only be played If you're usin^j j memory unit (see 
MFMim ll^rrf/Hf;(. pg. 6>. 

Xbox Live 

See X»ox Live. pp21 -22. 

The Krypt 

The Kiypt h ati eiioritii>us tuoin flDed vvlUi 400 

kofflns. Using the Koliis you've earned, yoti can 

"purchase" kofflns tu open and reveal the hidden 

Konicm. someiitnes you'll discover big dem^ like new charaaers or bark- 

(■roiinds In fight in, and other !imi's you'll fin'l Mimethmg •iitijiII or nothin;;. 

Before you can enter the Krypt, you must enter your saved player Kode eje- 
cted tuing the i^layer Profile opiinn (see Psnni.FS. pg, 12). The Krypt can only 
be accessed if you're using a memory unit (sec Mfmokv Uun fMUi. pg. 6). 

Once you've enlcfcd the Krypt, press the dlrcciional pad ♦, #, 4« or ^ to 
move ftum kofltii lo koflln. ?ress the ffi button tu upen It. Tlic number atid 
Koin nil ihe kpffln inriicaic the atnount of cnloiu-coded Koins you'll need to 
lake a look Inside. 

Purchased itetiis, suth as sketches and pfioios. are saved w youi profile 
name. Vou can view lii*'m iiiiini; llie fffiVTFN'T npriori ot> (lie Main Menu 
(seepg. 11). 

To help yiiii rind Items in ihis v.isi area, we've included a Krypi 

Reference Table, pages I5-Ifi. lo help you oiil. It's als<i av;iilahle 

an the iniemei at wwyy-mt^trt^ Jko m b a tdeception .coin . . - • 

Nsmi / y*^_ 

Krypt Keys can only be acquired in Konqucst Mock. ^ / 

■•mm fum 


Main Menu 

Main Menu 







Use iht Kontcnl option to view imlodied items, as well as other extras we've 
Intludnl for Mvrial Kcmbul: Dcaeptiun. 

Characters - View chsracttT hiagraphies and cosmmf s 
purchased in iKc (Crypt. 
Arenas - Sec- Arena images end stories purchased 
In the Krypt. 
lindings - View unluizked charac:ltr eudlags earned 
From cotrplctini; Aicadc mode. 
Production Art - View sketches, renders and videos you've 
piirchasfd in ihc Krypi. 
bJiktras • Vtcw team photos and other items 
purchased in the Krypt. 
Soundtrack - Ustrn Ki a $rUilltiti uT (he miusLl round in 
Mortal Kombiir: riecrplinn. 
Kredlts - See those wha worked day and night 
to brit)^ ycu Mertal Kombat: DtctpiioH. 


With a nietnory unit inserted, you can create a Player Prorile and earn Koins 
to puahflse ilems in iht Krypl (sef Tttt Karn, p^. 10). These option<> allow 
you to create and manjgf your saved profiles: 

Create a Profile 

The lirsi step yoii'H eitcQUftier is lo give your profile a nant«. Highlight a 
chdTiitlei, then (Kl'vi itit; O hulluii lu iiidKc d strk-uloii. Rerpedl ilii!i priK.c!i^ 
in liptlf iiiii your ii<imr. Sclcii ""iPACE" ii> pUrp spa[f<i lifiwffn li'iifrs 
"SACK" Iq delete letters and "DONE" when you're tlnislied. 

Choose Icon 

lilghllghl an Icon to represent your prolllcr then press tlie fit buttan to selea. 

Enter a Kode 

Use yiJur controllur 10 select a sequence of bunon presses to create i Kode 
that will be youi password to your pnifllc. As y«u press bullons, ihc Kode 
Winditw will dKiddy aMeibki until yuu've lotnpleieii eniering ilie Kotk-. 
After yoM'vi' cnwrt-ii a KtKie, you'll be askert lt> ronftrm thf Kode by repf at- 
tn^ the sequence. It's a good idea l» write diiwn your Kode on the Krypt 
Rt-hhutMh TAHi.y in this manual, pag*?* 15-16. mj you wan't forget the next 
time you want access to your profile, II ytiu lorget your Kode, you won't be 
able lo access your saved pmllle. 

Select Save Location 

Yuur tiii^inory iiiili oHers M slots for saving your individual pruflles.. Press 
the D-pad ^ or ^ to select the appropriate slot, then press the O button lu 
save the profile. After savins, vour icon and profile nante will be displayed 
fot fuiure refer elite. 

View Profile 

Once you've created one or more profiles, 
view your statist itrs and how many of each 
type ill Koin has been accutnuldicd. Press the 
dtreclional pad ^ or # to select saved pro- 
files (if you have more than one J. 

Delete Profile 

Press the directional pad ^ or * to select saved profiles, then press the O 
button Id delcic pn)[ik!i yuu nu longer w«ini. This iikiv becmiie 
ncii"«i<;ai^ onre your mpminry iinii fills up. „. - ""7* 








Main Menu 

Main Menu 

i Game Options 

On all QpMcKis nifniis (<iihff ihan CoNTKOLLFfi ) higiilij'ht m npiion, ihen 
press the dlreoional pad ^ ur 4 Lo adjust the siting. Yuu can also press Lhe 
O butdin if yuu'J like lu rciiturc the Options tu their dcfiiult !>eUlli]$!i. 


Kunibdl, ChtM e- Puzzle CPU Diffkulty 

Chouse Uom Novke. tASY. MEPIUM*. UABB or MdXdi'ficTi'ly, depending on 
your peir^ondl skill kvel. 

Rounds to Win 

¥ou can decide how many rounds you'll need ro win In order lo determine 
lhe winner of a m<itch. Choiise I, 2* or i rniind^i. 

Puzzle Rounds 

Choose the dmuunl of round^i you'll need lo win In order to dcierminc the 
winner ufd Pn//,U- lUiiuh, Cluitiic I ui 2* (OunU>i. 

Hound Time 

Round:) die ihiaed di 60*^ Mxiind!i. Yuu (.dii set the thncr u> siptxirit times 
hciween 20 and 90 Si«:nncls, or yiiii ran mm ii Off . 

Death Trap 

Some envirnomenlii have Death Tiaps. Vou can turn them tJM * or Qff . 

BloiKi Lcv^d 

Vou can selea the jtriount of blood spilled dtirine the course of a match. You 
can select MaS*' LsiSf ^^M iM or turn it OfF compktely. Remember, if you 
luni BlotHi Qn. Faiallilesaiid Hdra-KlTlit will nm be available. 

Dffaiitt Settiny 

y 13^ 



Make volume adjiisiniems to GAMt Mwi. Ewvirohmfnt. ANNnvufTK. 
ErFEtTTf; and ittiffl- HiMhlifihl an opljua then press the D-pad # or # tu 
adiu^t audio tcvcU. 


Contrast and Brightness 

MTgl)ti(thl an option, tlu'ii press lhe 0-pad ♦ or # to adju*;i the same'* 
CO wa -ag and Bm<iiiTNLS!> levels. 

Adjust Screen Position 

On some TV screens, yiiu may cNpcrienee loss of on-screen information due 
10 varlrtuff monitors' interpretation of your console's !tij;jial. if ntvcssdiy. 
si-k-Li lfli^ opiioji lo ddjdit ilic scieeti lu bcuec fit yotu TV' inottitiir. 


The Conlioller Selu|i menu allows ytm 
to ctiiinsure the eoiiinilk-r the way yoii 
like. Hlt;hll):ht an anion button nn the 
menu, then prests tlit- iuiilnn ynu'il like 
in iii«^ for that aelinn. 

As you I'hanf^e buiions. ynu'il notke 

liianges In other eiintrols. nl>viciit<t]y, 

you can't tiw one bullon fnj more than 

one aetion. You can also lurn your controller's Viliraiion feature Oif or Off 

by hi^hliKhlin); (he option and pressing the Q Initloiu 

Repeal lhi!t pnitesf liir all conirifls, (ben hlgh]|{;hl Dt)i^t and press lhe O 
button lo return to lhe Options Menu, if ynti want to start .iRain from 
scrjldi, selei.1 KhiFT m return control*: tn die deljuli sitings. 

* nefaiili Seitjng 

If you already have a profile saved, you'll be prompted lo sjvt your 

LimrtKuruiloii uia ^KeiflL profile. Prc&<i the Q Etuiinxi to bring up the 

EATHt KaPF. wieidiiw, (bi-n enter the Sude tor lhe rlesirHi pmtile. The 

new configuration will load whenever yvu load that pnifile. 


The I 


14 (/ 

I I i> I-: i<L iqtY r 







, KfM 

► "' 






























1 SU J 




1 RkJ 























1 V; l> 





!■' 1 f ,^ 

, J . 





! i 



li 1 ) J 







g [g> KfTi ■ HftiCTSi?Hi era jgft ( gffj igHMii rQ^^0t2D@9CS0B^DIQiS9fiD 

0/'^:^f w/th Kwrrr Keys Onu 



Mortal Kombat Realms 



HE Story Kontinues.,. 

All diititrul I uk'! of Oumtirld li<5s telufiwd tcwn lie\i)Hil tlcalli lu cWiii all ul' 
iciilitv A& his owij. The wdi^dor Shu(iiikii lids Lieen i.iiai)4etl Ijy ilie Eldci Qtnk 
til iLVuvxi ^iji |it)tvcrriil ik'iii!> li) Xni wiKii (i;:cii:isl (lib fui^ci-'ii [liicij!. A^ 
Sltiijijiko^eLiahodiiiiuglitlic [t'ciliits, liiii ll^liliti^ skill ^ows. UJ(i[iialelv, lii- 
iiiu?ii U!iL- lii^^ kiiovvk'ilj^cruf kimib^i ui dtfcal (his ihrciii boru uf dctepiluii. 

KoM QUEST Realms 

Expktrc ihc realms of Mortal Kombol as Shujinkti, "Champion of Ihc Elder 
Gods". Through his journeySf you will mecL many great warriors, and learn 
their fightmR styles. There are many secrets to diswjver *ntt items io unlcKk, 


Shujinko htfgins his tale here in Eanhrealin, home to suth legendary heriicfi 
35 Johnny Cagt, Sonya Biade, }ax and Liu Kang. The ThunckT Gud Rniden 
also defends this realm from the forces of evil. 


Oiii world is a realjn of constant strife. The Emperor Shao Kahn claims ihis 
re^lm as tiJE own and seiids his mitilons lo conquer oih^r realms in his name. 


I he fiery <le]iihs u( ihe Neiht^rrealm are inhiwpltahte tci all biat the tnrKt vile. 
A realm of demons and shadowy warrioRi, th^ Netherrealm will leave a last- 
in^ inipri-siilon on yotir soul. 

Seido.The Realm of Order 

The inhaWtantsof Seldo prize sirutiure and ordef aljove all else.., ever at the 
expense of freedom. The Seldan Guardsmen enforce the law wiihnui com- 
pasiilofl or lenlencv. Be nili^dful of the rules when travelllo^ hi iltts realm. 

The Realm of Chaos 

The Redlni of Chaos does not abide by llie same rules thai may apply to other 
realms. In factr Its inhabiianis do nut abide by aity rules whatsoever. 
Constant tumtoi! and change are worshipped here. 


Majestic Edcnlii has flnfiiUy been separated from Oulworld. Although free 
once more, ihcy ttrc sllfl taidct afiatk" from c^ulside forces. Shao Kahn still 
lays claim to this gem of a world and will stop at nothing to get it back. 

The Nexus 

■^" * The Nejius was created by the Elder Cods to niA thpir Champion 
as he searches for the six Kamido^ju. The Nesus lies in the Void 
outside reality and acts as a central hub, connecting the realms 
17\* i With portals. 

Fighter Selection 


At the Fighter Seiittkni stTewi, highlight an ^vjilalile fighier, ihen jirets ( lie 

O button to make a seiecticin. Player 1 selects using the Red wieaiim box, 

Player 2 uses the Blue. 

The fijjhier's name and attributes appear on 

5L7een. Locked fighters are darkened oui 

until they're ttnlocked. To unlock fighters 

you can accumulate Kurrency and go to the 

Krypi to purchase |iee KKY?} . m. iO). huii 

most "f diem gel unlocked l>y finding hid-| 

den keys in Konquest thai gel used in the 

Krypt tn open spetial kiiffins. 

To randtjmly seteci a fighter, press iIil- dircc- 
tionai pad ♦ atid START, If ihe profili; you're usinj- lias unlocked alternate 
outfits, you can make a seleciion by pressing START rathenhan the© but- 
ton. I 

Load Profile 

If yoiive rrealed a Crnnie {see CSFATF A PJtCiFUI-. pg. 12), you can load it lo 
save fight resiihs tn your prnOlr. Pni! the fl trigger lit bring up the Enter 
Kode window. Enter your Kode if a profile has yci to be loaded. If it's 
entered correctly, your profile name will be displayed. If you vxaul to 
change the profile name, pull the Q trigger again, then press START lo 
unloaii the current profile. The profilt: kode window will be available again 
for you to load another profile. 


The handicap option allows you to handicap youi match. This means y»u 
can rerliiee the amount ot Health that your fighter has at the start of a round 
in order to give a weaker opponent a more competitive match. Press the O 
button to dfsplay the Handicap window, f^ess the directional pad ♦ or ♦ 
to adjust the haiidicapN peicenld^i-. Yuui fighter's Health will then be 
ad[usled foi the neM match only. You can choose a value between 100% 
(full Health) and 20%. 


If two players have loaded profiles withl 
Kurrency, they can bet Koittiion a Versus model 
match. At die Fighter Selection screen, both I 
players pre<;^ ihe 9 button lo view the wager| 
screen, ^eut. decide the type of Koin to bet, 
and the amount (iioie: you tan otdy bet the I 
lyijc tiiid (imuuui uf Koin you have saved iuj 
your profile). The amount beiiip bet \i then 
Instanliy removed from epdi player's profile* 
" NOTE; Wagering Is nm »vgilabk fur onJlM nwd*. " 

After the fight, the winner gets credited with the Koin ainoiinl 
won. \MPtWT-\f'(r . if Ihe match is ended before it's Himpleied 
(like quitting from ihe Pause Menu), both plaver? lose ihe A" 
Koin aiintuoi wagered. i 




In Mortal Kombat 

Hiyhl State 
j' IndtcatDr!: 



Vknjory Skulls 

Fight State 

COFulio 7*. 

Fight inj; Slvles 

Round Timer 

By^ dcfduii, tfdch round lid!> a RowNif Times. IT ilit; Linit is up bt^fuit: tiJier 
kombaiant has be^n defeated, Ihe warrior wilh fewor injuries is declared the 
victor. Tile winner l<ik<^s the match Jitd tnoves on to the neKt opponent. 

Victory Skulls 

Each liiiK- d fiylilcT wiiiv a rouitd j V/jCECSrSAIlU. i^ fJnifd. Tiif Rtsl flBhtUT 
tn earn iwo (in (he detaull sa'tliitg^ wins the match and is declared the victor. 

Combo % 

To advance your ftghlin^ skills to the highest level, yoti mu«[ Icam how to 
tlu Cunibiiidiiu)! AiidciL:>. Wticii a coiiiba is eA«.uitd, tijt Cvmuu Mums 
brieny appears to display the amount of damage thai has been done to an 
(ipponenl. The more complex ihe contbinatUin, the more damage i$ done. 

Fighting Styles 

Mi'njl Kiiinhiii: Pi^prkiii includes three FhiHiinu Suits per flghcer. Pull ihf CI 
Irigj^er during any match to lo^ple between them. It" you often change vour 
lighling siylelo confuse yotir op|)oiicnt, you may lu«e track, so take a quick 
look at the bonorn of the screen to see which fighting style you're cuirentty 

* Fight State Indicators 

t Your Red indicator light comes on when your (ipponcm is attacking. Willie 
< lit, you're vLtlnuraitJe to hl<i attacks 4nd can nd! block them. Vour Blue indi- 
, c.iioT liglii is on when you're stuck in your opponent's combo (like 

, -^ ■■■• lilt red liRht, you Can ntrt block the attack). Your Yellow light 

IndiCdti'f that yctu afc dose in a hazard within the cnvlroti' 
_ %. men!. 





111 Mortal Kombat 


Health B»s 

Combo Breaker 

Health Bars 

In all Mortal Kombat baiil«, Hi;Ai:ih Bahx in ihe uppfr portion uf ihe 
screen measure each warrior's diministiing Health. The meters be^in each 
round rcfleaing Health at 100%, but the amount of Health h reduced wilh 
each t)low taken. The rcriucliim amount depends on the type of attack and 
wlicihcr or nut it was blocked. When a fighter's Heakli Meter is depleted, 
hp/shc is knnffced mit ;<nd Ihe rrtiinri gws lo tht* opponent. 

Combo Breaker System 

At ihe beginni]ii< of each round, you're given three Combo Breakers to use 
for each routKt during the match. Pressi Fouwaiid and Block to break the 
fonibn, hActx time- you pprtfirm a Rre,-»ker, ftne of the Itains will diuppear. 

Level Advance 

In one player Arcade mode, the Level Advance screen will appear between 
matches (as long as you've won the match). It displiiys your new opponent, 
the ijglil eitvirujiiiieiii and the ainuum ajid type uf Kuijib the itiatih is worth. 

Tht TiMh displayed lop/kli of the Street! Is the CLimuUtlve amount uf niilu 
time lor your victorim:. Each match will get more difficult than the last, so 
iht- l>iFFicmT\' percentage is also displayed. ' 

Movts List 

Disroverinfi and teaminfj ficthfer movfs jre a very iniporlarr pari of the game. 
During a match, press START to view the Pause Menu, Select Mo\'es IfiT to 
view ihf moves fnr yotir character. Press the D-pad # or 4 to cytic Iwtwecn 
the three fighting Styles and special moves, then press ♦ or # lo ktoII 
thrpush all the moves for that style. 

TlH' MuvL*!> Usi is available In all gdmeiutxltA, iiiiludiiiti FgMUCB 




--^; j-'-.A' rf , 

Xbox Live 



Xbox Live 

Tdkc Miinal Konlin!: [)eceftii>» Beyond ihc Box 
Xbox f.iiv''^ is a high-speed or 
hroAdband Initrnei gaming comniuiiiiy 
where you can crealc a pcrindin;nl gainpr 
identity, set up a frk'nds liil wlMi oiher 
playeiSj sec when ilicy're nnllni?, and 
Tctetvc invitations lo pJay games. For 
f>(inu* wjdi (ntilliplay^T mode, invite 
your fiitiids lo pljy and talk to (hem in 
rCiil-titne while you play. 


Before yon can use Xbox Live, you net-d lo connett youi .Xbox 
Cfinsok' LO 3 hifjhspeed or broadband liiiertKH connettion and 
si^n up lor I he Xiiox t/ct" scrvtttf. To deiermine il Xbuj< tf'iv is 
available in your region autl for trtformaiion about eonncctints 
tft Xbox Live. Eo towww.xhox.cnm/conneci. 

Signing In 

Before you can access XUox Lh'e, you'll need an 

XboK Live Gdfiicrtdg. Con<;tiIi yo!w Xbox Livtf 

ducumcnidtioii fur instrmrioiis on croatInK a 

Cdineitdg. Gamcriags are obtainL-d when you 

Lifiiie an Xbox Jn'i' accouni. They can be read 

from your hard drive or a. memory unit. 

priSK ihf A buinin logo lo the Xbos /.iVf Sign 

In screen. Once you're there, your Gamrnag will be displayed. Highlight 

yovir Gameriag, then piesti ihf A biiiiiin. If your gamertag is Passtodc pio- 

te<1ed, you will tJicii be asked in enter your passcode. 

i Quick Match 

J Pitk your Style arid Stio.x Liif will look for a j^aiiie. When a g-ime is fotmd, 
the Select Conlroller screen will appear. You can Hosl a Rame as (lie Holme 
.' leam or join a game as (he Away Team. 

' Opti-Match 

* All OiHi-Matt'h allows yim lo specify options t<i ensuie your fight is fscom- 

* peiitive as you'd lilcc. Xbux Liw wilt then ISnd j player thai mecia your tri- 
^ teria. Here are iht: O|.ttions; 

* Game Mode 

, Sclea Ajsy game mode, i(i,mBAT . Qi£M "r Pozzl f.. 

* Select a player of JTf;j.'4f-. SSHM or Worue ranking. 
' Coiine^liiin 

* Sc'leci A I ly amneaiem ipeed or an BouAt. or Better speed, 
' Vlolrnce 

, ""^ '-■ Sek-Li a tight nf HiCH. low. Mf.DIVM or any level. You tan also 

turn ilii?! upilon i>£f tompleicly. 


■^r "* ,1 Chot«e 1, 2 or ;} rounds for your match. 



Xbox Live 

:reate a Mat ch 





To cteale a niaKh, scHevl this opilrm. then ^^ctecl from ibe letter* and num- 
Iwrs to speti out thcnante of your match. If you like, you can set a pa.ssword 
to join llie room you've tiedied. Tn Create a Matclx Ihe foltowiflg options 
are aviiiiable: 

Game Mode - Choose ftoin KiiaMl, <"Hfyr or Pvizm . 

Game Type Create a luetic or flsajaili match. 

Violertce • Set to Hian. Off. Li>W or Umuuh- 

Death Traps - Turn Qn or Qf£ (avatlabie for Kombai and Chess only). 

Rounds - Sel Rounds to X or !• 

Knee you've »l these opllons, you'll advaiiLc to a pre-game screen to awail 
,1 ihallenger. 

Friends List 

Use this option lo idd your friends' names to a Friends list, when you log 
HO. you r^n seloci ihis option and sec if your liMed friends -irf online. 

Recent Players 

view oppom'nli you've recently piayed. Vou can tluKJse one nf thes^ recent 
jilayers and ittviie ihem la be a Friend or you can send fecil!iat:k atioiit the 
itiatth you had. 


Take a look al the Murlal KombiU: lycccptitm leaders (o see where you stand. 
This is d list of yniir *;tats, as well as the people aground you. Full the O 'ir 
D iiig^ers m eyrie the leadcrboard categoric^, llij^htight a category, and 
press dieO bnimn to son. 

Online Options 


You tan set auillu so it will be heard In your Xbox coMMpsiCATOg , ilirouBh 
the Sl-tAKERi of lite TV or .Vom m all. 

Check Messages 

TcM or Voice messages fan be viewed or heard uiing (hle> option. Nii 
prompts will be displayed If yon have a message, so-reiiirji to this npiioii 
frec|iienliy to check for messages. 


Vou can set the coumiy, lerTiinry or province you're connccrtng 
from, or remain on the default selling, NONE PROVIPEO. 

•* NOTE: Sunn: back^iouiiils will work slfRhilv i!ilfi;reni 
for XboK Liw. *^ 




MKD Fishters 


f'L^^a: Of O iiii,,ff^: Ni'ihtrri'dlfii 

ALKiiiM£/ir. Uiieiil 

dWE!- Shujink.i 

Fty^-i '. FrmAi'. N[i4ib SailuL BimhffhLHid of ShAHuw 

Nrthcrrcjim... d hull -iwi'iftJ. Ta HK.Isiev« bet gCLif ill piirktKdiliin. :tlK 
liiuu slay piHvrrfiil rvil fiy ihc sword. EKll Uciilccn i*r llwr 


AtinvMrwr Evil 
jluj£>: &hj(i KAlin, ShjTi]! t^iun}^ Qiun Chi & Dr j^un K 
£a4S Bo' HjiI t;>H> 
.iiakii's T^ikjiijD rinr Is J mulMprt hybrid or NHht-nijIin 
>uid OutwfrfM fifK^CkS. A Uiyfll wdirlur Bdnhd faklilul- 
Iy ?ri:rvc^ hii ih-w iiu«iHeT, the Dr»iioEi K[n^ liy 
preuunipylnK tSWwwllI ufjijonlikw with his 
TirWjfjiD tkHdet 

Bo' Rai Cho 

FfjfT nrOtJf. i^i uuiwrah! 
AUiiKSKrfT. Good 

dlUIil: K>ing ) jD. KlldllA Uu Kaog G U Met 
fmy. shJiiji Tsiji)^ Quan Chi, Burjin fr Slijii (tatui 
KiLinj h^K ^l^'r^n NiJf ciiiniEliiiTd i4 li«^f ^IIEid Oiils^-i»il(t .irrtiy i£i 
Bfl' Rai Lhi>, Ahliirtigl) hij tljjjii jbjIikI ihc Tiitk«<iii luiiilro 
duct nn go well he wUJ llnd intpimlun (bkh nn uncxfiKint 


Pud HI fhm. m: K«i][n uT Oiikr 
4i.ri;WMlWf : Nndril 
yti I Jf V barrfui b UdiihuJii 

* Iftifflcl mcmbri: nl (Ik V:id«n ^uard in tin- Ri-^Jm ul Oidcr, 

£>{)]iMU ]> (t uimfriiiry >ti>il Mkrt nn^Klt^K In tlit vrpd]- lH:iwct-h 

Ord^^f Atii.1 Chxn. Hi^ nhi}^ reit'ne L-anlran U li-H Ih^ ili-Jth Ql Htiurtj. 


fi.iif ■■; [ifii.jy Rftilni (!f IJider 

.■iJJ'J^.yi.■^T: \rtjir.i1 

•tq.Ifi : ttavik & Onimu 

FjJSS: HfM-ini 

Leadn u( lilt Hi-^lsiantc In ibr Rridlll pronin, Duiln Utni Utr In the 
<hMlni»« hK jinhLiion Ia io u^criliruw the oppmaWf rr|;lnK itut 
Mian^ks (iiiiliini. r<i iuinir hr li j h^nk.. bui Id nrhcjf he l> nsthinj 
Til fiiH' thou ' J^rp*i btf . 

V Erkac 

AUIEi' kt'iolil, liu Kdng 
£iifii: Uij)|i>ti Klnfi, AMirati 

A ^n-'ip^ avuted ihriMigh vinrfy* &mjL' 1% Ihr minlUnrcL ml^hi i^ 

niA-ny ^'•ifrtm ^4uh AjanI Bt^cthirr. Mc n^ iv^i^ aiMTVAm iiT 

StiniJ Kdhn iiiitll krmld Icrnl htm. Now Itr Mciti ta nakt 

amvnii*- Tnr jM Ihr lurm tir Lju^d in ihr p.Ki liy ftirlli^ IJn 

KiW))'^ ciub<>nl «lJln [mm ibt Ur^vn Klngi'i conirsl 


iSr— 7- 

MKD Fighters 


Am.imisvr . Evil 

fclJEj: Mavdtin 
Aftu bctnn MiibiiilitJ l<y Ihc Red riMgim inrmliFi nijvdiki, Kahiil hjs hfcii 
hrxHi^l hack fnim [h^ hnnk M t^nuiu dcAih by .ttt unkrwiM-n ^riing^f- Hi 
Mid navel lit Uuiwiirld n> <,h4|>c j ntw ikMlny fur hlm-xK. 
I'UCl 0f 0*MIN: Ccnhfulm 

dlUEi: JCI[^ Kjtul 

£20) shuilntn jiid hb aUini, 

Knhr.i umi):Iii iu ini his koinhit ^klll. Vtnte Ik klllcil hit hi-u 

npftnincltl, ftowr^cc. the lllhll ItVlTrtkMtk hli^i 4iid now x-id^ry Is 

hi\ nhK^mun. Kjbdl ri.'ci^nlrctl tht |if)ip'nilijl (if N.nliTj'% bruul 
n«ij(v jnd I'nIUifd him irild Ihr vewi Iil4t;k Dra^^in. 


PlAlx ar 0*iai.\-. Onlwnrld 
ALKSIitlil'- E'll 

-*ff^*^ Baf^kA Sfadu Kahia Cf Sh.ji«(( Thuii^ 

i:ilO: Ktldfid 
CtcMrd li^ ihr Mitirfrr fh^nu Tuint. Ml Inndi ha> u Ihi hi i - 
niCrd hrt dnistdy as ltiurui'» ujircchMiv 1^ jvHtng wt, thv liirrnri 
prlirtfsi. She mitlcflds Klunj't mlliury Iditcs In dn drtcmpi in 
^Ivr the Drji^nn Kin^ the rlnir hr iict'ds In ininpktc liK pJjiK. 
Thi'v fitltijw hri Lipiimuutd bcllL'uiii|j; hi^ tn Uv thv Ti.'4l KJun^- 
Unly knows itK iRiih iKhlnd her dnxjHlan. 


f i it:k w OtttUK. EMhiAdm 

AllCNMEHT: Clod 

AiiiU: LIU KJiijt Rjidm o Kung Uo 
fl!Lf- DtaBOll Klnit fr Sh*i K4hv 

NiKliiwnIt hjh hiriivtii ihr vtiniliq; uribr Dcittiin KlaK in hit dn-^iit. Ti 
fkk'jii iliiA iti-w mrruKf. hr mii^i LntnijK h|kb iiwn -lonl .md rnicf Lhf 
N«hrm-jlni. riw pfof fss will ulitr W« ti'iniwiatnfin jnif iiukt him j 
ddiifttr ii>irv«'ii hi?r iilltn- FTe iiiii^ iravrl dUint' k/hr 1> lii ^^iiccml. 


fi rflt? t^i"i:Jw i^" Hanlircalra 
diiiiiluiM:. He UK J 
litUES Nuiiir 
£ue|: <}ujn Chi. Ontinlia, Mnlnh tr Sut>-Zcn> 
In h\\ faistc 10 cfiiUrotn hia nrtnni^. Ou^n Chi. hi' w^irs 
JIDlmtlu'd h\ l»r) Onl and ira Inin .b jhwh- ; 
*«*iihf ^;iifclv \%isv htvn iiTn jpdii lt> tih.- ■. ^ 

hjd he no* iuan4|>ni tncK^JV lrtl*< llu- V'.M.. 

pUcc thdt he llr^ wi pyt*i on ihr fdhlrvj Eldei e>iMi^. i ' 
lie lot^vcT clL.Enu^d Iv^ itii*, I 


riMjs iif ouvitt. E«tlirc<ilnl 
iSHSlr- Snnke. Finfl fr N.itilni 

fllES CU^i ChL l{DUf^ rr S«:lirpl4>n 

WlilU will in OiuWDrlit. thf iir kiiiri iiiiuid v.ciit-r. Snh./i-iu 
diwiivm hl& Inic hcrtrj^i: - - Lh^^ ^mittf id h Ik iR.iMrf> 41^'er 
[Kid, Till* (iU<nv«r( will aid hbtl IU Ihr liuhl dj^dlmt ih<: 
&f jfion k \v$\ Xmtii%*n h««k». 


24 (/ 



Personal Fight Records 

Fighter 1 Win / Loss Fi ghter 2 Win / Luss 

























Profile Passwords 


Use the space hcUtw to wrilc down your Profile Information. 

Profiles Passwords 


i / 26^